How to Make New Friends in Two Hours

Nick Gray (’04) offers his step-by-step strategy for small, fun cocktail parties to bring new people into your life.

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Seeing Success in Others

Maria Toler Velissaris (’02) , who stretched her entrepreneurial wings building a new company as a Wake Forest junior, has soared as a lauded venture capitalist in women’s health care.

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Finding Answers in the Past

Laura Malone Elliott (’79) offers young people connections and inspiration in her historical novels that can help them navigate the world today.

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Entrusted to Lead

Dr. Susan R. Wente is installed as Wake Forest’s 14th president, sharing her transformative journey and charting a historic course for the University.

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News of the World

Behold the humble Fijian dish bearing tidings from Polynesia, an explorer’s ship, a ‘Disneyland’ museum circa mid-1700s and a Wake Forest bet on the future.

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Staff Favorites

Reading the River

by Carol L. Hanner

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Treasures of the Archives

by Kerry M. King ('85)

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Walking With the Hope

by Maria Henson ('82)

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