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I started Monday marveling about snow falling on campus. For a few brief moments, I could hardly distinguish the snowflakes from the petals that had drifted from the cherry trees near Winston Hall. Wasn’t it just 80 degrees and time for flip-flops and sundresses? Such a quirky morning demanded quirky entertainment. I want to share a fun video, “Take the Lead,” that displays the theatrical talents of President Hatch, Provost Tiefenthaler and Head Coach Grobe. Their star moments are as fleeting as the wintry mix that fell this morning but worth a look.

It’s all in fun and for a good cause that seems timely on this chilly day: the Bethesda Center for the Homeless plans its own interpretation of a “Dancing with the Stars” competition to raise money. Two Wake Foresters, which the center touts as “some of the city’s shining ‘stars,’ will be competing:  Jermyn Davis (’10), one of the Wake Forest Fellows who landed the opportunity after graduation to work in higher education in a yearlong internship, and Jim Dunn, vice president and chief investment officer. The president, provost and head coach will not be dancing at the competition on April 7 and therein lies the dramatic tension.

Stayed tuned. Maybe Wake Forest will have in Davis or Dunn a winner instead of a prolonged winter.

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