‘College daze’ and March Madness

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Several alumni parents have an email exchange going this week. They’re sharing George Will’s column in The Washington Post about how March Madness for many families is “the moment of high anxiety” over college admissions.

“You just have to laugh! He really hit the nail on the head!,” said one member of the WFU Class of 1982 who has been pushing the column along to friends in the same situation: parents peering anxiously into the mailbox to look for what one told me is “the big envelope” that signals, for their child, “YOU’VE BEEN ACCEPTED!”

The email also compliments Will’s “shout-out” to Wake Forest in making the point that the admissions process is not all bad. It can have “splendid moments,” Will wrote. “Last year, Wake Forest, a wonderful university with a stimulating application form, asked applicants what they would title their autobiographies. One, obviously a golfer, answered: ‘Mulligan.’ Wouldn’t we all?”

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