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I hope that our Wake Forest families have been enjoying the recent issue of the Wake Forest magazine.  There are a lot of wonderful stories within, and certainly among the top is “The Gift” – the story of Coach Walter, our amazing baseball coach who donated a kidney to his player, Kevin Jordan. It’s one of the best stories of Pro Humanitate that I have ever seen.

Some readers have had a question about why do they see certain names in the magazine, or on the Wake Forest website, that have a P’ after them.  That P is for Parent, and the number afterwards indicates what year their student is at WFU. So if you see George Emerson P ’13, it means he has a child who is in the Class of 2013 here.

We started listing parent years in our publications several years ago because parents wanted to have a way to be recognized on a name tag or in a publication as being the proud parent of a current WFU student.

Many of our Deacon parents are just as energetic about the University as their student, and I frequently have parents tell me they wish their own undergraduate experience was as fulfilling as their student’s time at Wake Forest. Adding that P’ year just makes them feel a little more a part of our community – so that’s why we do it!

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