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A recent story in The Stokes News describes Ken Bridle (MA ’85, Ph.D. ’91) as a conservationist by profession and artist by passion. Bridle, who has spent much of his career promoting conservation and appreciation of natural resources, discovered that he could put his artistic skills to work in accomplishing those same goals. He started painting watercolors that capture nature’s beauty.

Ken Bridle is stewardship director for the Piedmont Land Conservancy.

Ken Bridle is stewardship director for the Piedmont Land Conservancy.

“Since my graduation from WFU as a Ph.D. in biology I have had many jobs and interests,” Bridle wrote to Wake Forest Magazine. He has been working with the Piedmont Land Conservancy, where he is stewardship director, to use science to educate the public about local conservation issues.

“Recently I have begun to paint watercolors, and I find that they are also a good tool to help capture the interest and educate the public,” said Bridle.

The Visitors Center at Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury, North Carolina, (about 30 miles north of Winston-Salem), will feature Bridle’s work at a reception from 2-4 p.m. March 8.

“I appreciate my past and continuing association with WFU to help me accomplish these goals,” he said.

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