Life Into Art – Joe Martinez (’06)

Fall 2017


Wake Forest Magazine invited six professional photographers, who are alumni, back to campus last spring for a challenge:


Joe Martinez (’06)

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Instagram: @joemartinez

I’ve had a love of photography since I was young, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Wake Forest that it became a reality as a career. I took my first photography classes with John Pickel, learning the basics of composition and light. I learned how to process film, critique my images and logged countless hours in the darkroom in Scales.

By my senior year I was interning with University photographer and mentor Ken Bennett, shooting guest speakers, events and student life around campus. I learned how to connect with my subjects, how to edit and present my work, and how shooting was just a small part of being a professional photographer. It was during these assignments that I developed my love for photographing people, and I’ve carried that passion throughout my career as a portrait photographer.

I was honored to shoot for this special issue of Wake Forest Magazine, and when thinking of a concept, I wanted to combine the beauty and simplicity of studio portraiture with what I remember most about Wake Forest: the people. It’s always a joy to be back on campus, and it was a pleasure to photograph such a diverse group of students who continue to embody everything that made my time at Wake so special.

Joe’s photos:

Andrea Vahou, Senior

Ann Nguyen ('17)

Cliff Benson, Junior

Demon Deacon

Jamerdon Dean ('17)

Julius Goble, Junior

Marisa McGrath, Junior

Riani Carr, Sophomore

Steele Smith (left) and Josh Nnaji, Sophomore (right)

Titilola Babatunde, Sophomore

Will Coleburn, Senior

Zachary Bynum, Junior

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