Life Into Art – Ryan Scherb (’04)

Fall 2017


Wake Forest Magazine invited six professional photographers, who are alumni, back to campus last spring for a challenge:


Ryan Scherb (’04)

Location: New York, NY
Instagram: @ryanscherb

In creating these images, I sought to capture and illustrate the passion and artistic energy of the Wake Forest community. The University offers an enormous opportunity for students to be active and involved in programs that will allow them to be successful in whatever discipline they choose. I was able to find the passion that would lead to my career in photography. I want to show how this energy not only still exists, but also is constantly growing at Wake.

While studying psychology and communication, I combined my desire to understand human behavior with a fascination for capturing life’s moments. Before traveling for a semester abroad in Australia, I purchased my first digital camera (a whopping three megapixels). During my travels I expanded both my scientific and artistic discipline of photography. Technical books on lighting and cameras, along with studying original masterworks of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Horst P. Horst and Harold Edgerton formed my self-taught curriculum.

Coming back to Wake this year felt like completing one of life’s many circles. There is no single road to becoming a photographer. I had a few stints as a production assistant, a bartender, a reality-TV camera operator and then six years as a photo assistant until I became officially a photographer of my own standing. Wake marked the official beginning, providing me with all the tools that I needed to apply my education and the realization of what I wanted in my career.

I am re-energized by the positive spirit of the students and professors I worked with during this shoot. I returned to New York with much gratitude for my experience at Wake Forest, excitement for all the students who have the opportunity to attend and happy to share these images with you.

Ryan’s photos:

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