How To

A compendium of ideas from Wake Foresters who have answers — including to some questions (hot dog!) you might not have thought to ask.

Illustration by Gwen Keraval

Spring 2024


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How to:

Analyze a Film   |   Cook Like You’re in Venice   |   Make the Most of Your Happy Moments   |   Deliver On the Field and Off  |  Heal a Community Through Knitting |  Make the Perfect Hot Dog   |   Stop the Spread of Conspiracy Theories |  Get to Carnegie Hall   |  Be a Demon Deacon Mascot   |   Propagate Pro Humanitate    |  Talk to Your College-Age Daughter (for Dads)   |  Sail Around the World

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How to:

Solve the Plastic Problem  |   Invent to Help the Ill  |  Follow Your Passion while Working a Full-Time Job   |  Keep Your Bones Healthy as You Age  |   Detect Poppycock   |   Nurture Friendships  |  Teach Struggling Readers   |  Judge Barbecue   |  Survive in the Wilderness    |  Create a Vibe with Coffee   |   Use AI in the Classroom |  Keep a Pen Pal for Decades

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How to:

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World  |  Make a Pilgrimage   |   Host a Crowd- Pleasing Tailgate  |  Live with “Zozobra”   |  Encourage Others  |  Make Things on Campus with a High Fun Factor   |  Create a Successful Restaurant Concept   |  View Minority Representation in Movies  |  Think about Time Travel   |  Make an Elevator Pitch   |  Become an NBA Team’s No. 1 Fan

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How to:

Get the Most from Mentoring   |   Think about Privacy in the Age of Surveillance  | Have Difficult Conversations   |  Cement Your Deacon Friendships   |   Reduce the Stigma Around Mental Health Issues  |   Make the Most of Your Nose  |  Play the Carillon  |  Get Back to Nature in Death  |  Overcome Business Challenges for Women   |  Explore the Tunnels Using a Robot   |  Rewire, Not Retire |  Widen Opportunity




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