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Fall 2012

Errin Fulp

Creative People

Challenge: Protect computer networks from cyberattacks Solution: Mimic nature to deploy “digital ants” to seek out threats and alert human security experts Co-researchers: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and students, including Michael Crouse (’10, MS ’12), named one of the nation’s top new inventors in 2011 by Inventors Digest magazine “We looked at multiple types of […]


Inventing an Elevated Burger

ONCE UPON A TIME, a multitasking, theatrical 17-year-old named April Arden traveled with her family from their home in Dallas through the Southeast on a college tour. Auburn, Vanderbilt, Emory, Furman, Clemson, UNC, Duke — the Ardens made the kudzu circuit in a pop-up tent camper in search of destiny. At Wake Forest, they found […]

Jane Cage

Heroine in the Heartland

It was late on a Sunday afternoon when Jane Owens Cage (’78) heard tornado sirens. They sounded fairly often in her neighborhood so she didn’t pay much attention — until they blared a second round. That’s when she gathered up her cellphone, driver’s license and two dogs and headed to the basement. From her subterranean […]


The Placemakers

Winding down narrow North Carolina country roads, A. Elizabeth Watson (’74) does not see cows and gas stations, cellphone towers and silos. She observes history — living, preserved and forgotten. More than that, Watson sees possibility. Part historian, part environmental expert, part planner and part preservationist, Watson is the woman behind some of America’s most […]


High Impact

ON A WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON IN SPRING, Joel Stitzel drives from downtown Winston-Salem to the Wake Forest School of Medicine campus in his late-model Toyota. He means to upgrade to something newer, with side-impact airbags, because he understands the value of this relatively recent safety feature better than most. He’s meeting with a group of doctors, […]


Keeping Traditions, Creating New Ones

Students happily maintain those long-lived, cherished traditions. But they also are inventing new ones — about three dozen in the past decade. Students and alumni pack Wait Chapel the first Sunday night in December for the largest Moravian-style lovefeast in North America, begun in 1965. Since President Nathan Hatch rode into his Inaugural Ball in […]

Rogan Kersh

Rogan Returns

When Wake Forest appointed Rogan Kersh (’86) as the University’s new provost and professor of political science on Jan. 26, it was a happy homecoming for the former Reynolds Scholar and his professors. Kersh assumed his duties as chief academic officer, with responsibility for administering the academic programs and plans of the Reynolda Campus, in […]

Steve Nelson

Constant & True

Your only limits are the size of your ideas, and the degree of your dedication. – Unknown This quote has fueled me since my early days in Poteat House and Reynolda Hall, in Mayor Shirley’s “Public Speaking” class, and under legendary Wake Forest golf coach Jesse Haddock’s (’52) constant inspiration. How else could fellow Kappa Sigmas […]


Where Are They Now?

Founded The Unique Sheep to produce hand-painted yarn for knitting and crocheting. Works full time with The Unique Sheep. “Define success for yourself. It is easy to get caught up in the aspirations of others and believe that to be successful you need to have X amount of sales, so many employees or the support […]