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From cable to classroom: Melissa Harris-Perry (’94) returns to her alma mater

Meet the MHP you don’t see on her cable-news show.

Katina Parker (right) with Dr. Maya Angelou

Filmmaker Katina Parker (’96) remembers Maya Angelou

A writer of world renown claimed Katina Parker (’96) and ‘watered and seeded’ her soul.


Kitchen Chemistry

Bread that doesn’t rise. Gravy that won’t thicken. Scrambled eggs that stick to the pan. Most home cooks have been there. In our quest to determine what went wrong we questioned the recipe, the quality of our ingredients, the oven or even the weather. But often what leads us down the path to burnt cookies […]


Friend, Foe, Fuel

Wayne Silver, Professor of Biology When you say something tastes good, you really mean it “flavors” good. The brain puts together information from taste and olfactory (smell) receptors, along with information about texture and temperature (mouth feel), to produce flavor. Taste receptors only sense things that are salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (Japanese for […]

Reynolds Professor of American Studies Maya Angelou died on May 28, 2014.

Maya Angelou helped us find our voices

Maya Angelou had little patience for anyone who spoke in front of her class with a ‘small voice’ and challenged students to project with confidence, purpose and poise, writes John R. Hilley (’83).

Prof. of English and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Mary DeShazer

A tribute to Professor Mary DeShazer

“Through our conversations,” writes Karen Roberts Nabavi (’01), “my own interests developed, and Dr. DeShazer helped me to chart a course to explore them.”

professor is in

The Professor Is In

Everyone has a story to tell, whether she is a lifelong U.S. citizen or a recent immigrant. We are a nation of immigrants, and everyone shares a history of movement. Thinking about how people came here 100, 200 years ago makes you think about immigrants’ stories today. Is what immigrants are doing now, coming to […]

Oh,Those Lilting Banshees! Where Are They (Funny) Now?

Inside Spring 2014: Vol. 61 No. 2

The Spring 2014 issue will be in mailboxes soon. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside!


Peggy Smith: The golden age of ski resorts

Retired art history professor explores the architectural evolution of ski resorts in a compelling new book.

Classics scholar James Powell

Latin Influence

On this warm day in May, the sounds of post-Commence-ment cleanup and chirping birds punctuate an otherwise eerie calm that descends upon campus following Wake Forest’s most festive of celebrations. Another class has gone, a new one will be here soon. For those who have just bid farewell to Wake Forest, it is a time […]