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Summer 2012


A Literary Tradition

They worked well past midnight on that April night in 1968; it was 2 a.m. when the three editors gathered up the copy and layout pages and climbed into the Blue Goose for the drive to the bus station on Marshall Street. The Goose was a ’59 Chevy Biscayne, painted Wise potato chip-blue because Henry […]


Class of the Finest

At the Words Awake! conference in March, participants honored the inaugural class of inductees to the Wake Forest Writers Hall of Fame. They include poets, journalists, screenwriters and authors, some of them deceased but not forgotten. The Hall of Fame celebrates Wake Foresters who are graduates or have a long association with the University; who […]


Words Awake!

Words Awake! served as a homecoming for more than 50 writers with ties to Wake Forest and scores of North Carolina lovers of the word on March 23-25. The event began with 17 alumni writers fanning out to local public schools to discuss writing. Friday evening, Tom Hayes (’79) premiered his documentary in progress, “Editor Uncut,” […]


Seriously Funny

How should I describe Jim Barefield, who has shaped so many of his students into the writers we have become? One has to begin with the voice, I think: his distinctive low warble, with its long, drawn-out vowels. He sounds surprisingly like Winnie the Pooh, if Winnie the Pooh were from Birmingham, Ala. It is […]



Gail Segal (’74) Listening to Provost (Ed) Wilson (’43) read aloud and unpack the poems of Blake, Yeats and Thomas, I fall in love. I am dizzied and uncertain as to what exactly I’ve fallen prey to. I am just 19. Such is the spell cast by Dr. Wilson (and in spring, no less). I […]


Writing For Life

In early March, 15 first-year students entered a maximum-security prison in Columbia, S.C., to sit side by side with inmates convicted of murder, robbery and drug-related offenses. They traveled from Wake Forest to discuss crime, punishment and George Orwell’s 1931 essay, “A Hanging.” Why did they visit? In part, to become better writers. Whether through […]


The Best Thing I Ever Read

Nathaniel Hawthorne once noted that easy reading is hard writing. To celebrate writing from the reader’s perspective, we asked several Wake Foresters to tell us about the best thing they ever read, and why. All the King’s Men I first read “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren as a high school junior sitting […]


Flash Fiction

We at Wake Forest Magazine know students encounter professors on Reynolda Campus daily who have a sense of fun and strike us as quick to embrace a creative challenge. We wondered: Would some of those scholars be willing to participate in a flash fiction exercise by writing a very, very short story? The answer? Game […]


The Work of Art

Usually I would welcome the snugness of an overfilled New York City taxi in early March, but it was unseasonably warm that afternoon. My classmates and I, still reeling from a morning of art world immersion in Chelsea, sat excitedly in the back seat, almost unable to contain our curiosity about what lay ahead. The […]


Constant & True

While here I stand, not only with the sense Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts That in this moment there is life and food For future years. – William Wordsworth, “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” When I was 5 years old I dreamed of being a writer. When I was 40, […]