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Jamacian bobsled team

‘Cool Runnings,’ part 2

Deacon fans help Jamaican bobsled team return to the Olympics.


‘Lummox’ returns for Homecoming

Cartoonist William Warren (’08) brings back Lummox and Goodrich just in time for his (their?) fifth reunion.

Allison Orr ('93)
Founder and Artistic Director
Forklift Danceworks
Austin, TX

Portraits of Pro Humanitate-2

Allison Orr (’93) Austin, TX Founder and artistic director of Forklift Danceworks Her cause: Besides staging renowned dance performances, she began two special outreach programs: Leaps and Bounds, which partners with four schools to bring creative dance to children from low-income families, and Body Shift, offering improvisational dance classes to adults with and without disabilities. […]


Rise of Pro Humanitate in Students’ Lives

Six years ago, when they made their first foray into downtown Winston-Salem to hand out sandwiches to the homeless, Wake Forest students Jordan Jones (’08), Eric Lange (’08) and Richard Roberts (’08) had trouble breaking out of their comfort zone. “I’ll never forget how nervous we were the first time we went out,” Jones said […]

Andrew Borum (far right) with his celebrity teammates (left to right) Rob Riggle, Yvette Nicole Brown and Valerie Bertinelli (courtesy NBCUniversal).

An invisible celebrity no more?

As the Demon Deacon mascot Andrew Borum (’08) was an ‘invisible celebrity.’ This week he’s about to be very visible on a nationally televised game show.

Taylor Field 1

Taylor Field (’76): Serving the ‘unserved’

Not many of us are so devoted to serving the poor that we’d move our young family right in with them. But that’s just what the Rev. Taylor Field (’76) did.

Rehoboth Christian School in Rehoboth, N.M.

Working for the greater good

Volunteer service at New Mexico school changed his perspective on Pro Humanitate, says finance grad Tim Nicodemus (’12).

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 2.34.21 PM

Newtown tribute: Marcus Tracy (’08)

Former soccer star Marcus Tracy (’08) makes a tribute to the people of his hometown of Newtown, Conn.


Where Are They Now?

Founded The Unique Sheep to produce hand-painted yarn for knitting and crocheting. Works full time with The Unique Sheep. “Define success for yourself. It is easy to get caught up in the aspirations of others and believe that to be successful you need to have X amount of sales, so many employees or the support […]

Jessica Vogel pictured on the front page of The Boston Globe arts section.

Rising star’s art combines reality, fantasy

Awkward shapes? “I find that a slight hint of discomfort or confusion is enough to evoke a second glance,” says sculptor Jessica Vogel (’08).